Hand Spanking

I’ve got a quick question for you all. I’ve noticed that it seems there are a lot of people who are into, or desire a good “hand spanking”. I guess if it is for fun, then that makes more sense to me. But for a punishment spanking…I have no desire to give Joey a spanking with my hand. I think I’ve stated it before…HE’S the one who has earned a spanking…why should MY hand sting? πŸ˜…

My exceptions to spanking with my hand would be…

Fun Spanking – we don’t do a lot of those anymore. But even in this scenario, I would still rather use one of my thuddy sandals or other thuddy implements instead of my hand. Of course, understanding that Joey can take quite a lot of swats, that might be part of the reason why I wouldn’t want to use my hand. πŸ€”

Playful Swat – If I see Joey bending over or just standing and I happen to be walking behind him, there’s a 50/50 chance I’m going to swat his butt. He does this to me too, but not over-zealously (for obvious reasons).

Reminder Swat – If he’s had a recent spanking (and his butt still is sore), and he doesn’t respond as I think he should, or maybe even gets a “little” lippy with me…I will swat him hard on the butt with my hand to remind him of what happened and what can STILL happen. But again, in this situation, I will more often take off one of my sandals and swat him instead of using my hand.

But when taking him to the woodshed, aka giving him a punishment spanking, I am using a fairly effective (read: harsh) implement, or implements, to mete out the discipline. Giving Joey a spanking with my hand in that situation would be a much welcome “warm-up” for him.

fm belt and paddle spanking
Stills from Joey Gets Wrecked Spanking Video

Now having explained MY thoughts on the matter, it doesn’t change the fact that there appears to be a lot of hand spanking people out there. And my hats off to you all. As we’ve stated before, there is no “wrong” way to spank…as long as safe, sane and happening between two consenting adults.

So…Let’s hear from some of you in the comments.

Do you like to give/get hand spankings? If so, what do you like about them?

Have a great day and I’m looking forward to hearing from you all. πŸ™‚

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My wife and I have a long standing agreement that if she gets spanked, it’s hand only but when it’s my turn to be on the receiving end it’s ‘Wife’s choice”. However, if it is a ‘fun’ spanking she will use her hand but its way too much fun for me and not effective as punishment. These days It’s pretty rare for her to earn a spanking so it’s me on the receiving end receiving the hairbrush or paddle , so I’m not sure if it’s a ‘balanced’ agreement anymore!


I hope it was at least on the bare bottom.
My wife hates having her bottom bared more than the spanking itself, but I love it although it is pretty rare these days and I let her away with a lot.


Way to go Joe!




My wife usually starts out spanking me with her hand, and, as you noted, the warmup is appreciated by me! When she switches to a paddle, I can tolerate the sharper sting more. But occasionally she starts out with a paddle or cane from the beginning, and those spankings are memorable. I confess that I feel more clearly punished when she goes straight to the paddle, which is probably the point. She has a small but heavy rubber paddle which is intensely painful and I will do anything to avoid that!

Brad Niles

We have been married for 5 years and my wife has been dealing with me from day one. I was attracted to her strong no nonsense attitude and her zero tolerance to any rules I broke which always leads to a trip over her knee for the hairbrsush.

Billy Gibson

I think a good OTK hand spanking is the best. It’s more personal and the spankee can feel the care and love the spanker is showing by CC correcting bad behavior.


Have you ever tried backhand spanking?


We were doing it at school like a game.
When we found someone in front of us and didn’t notice us we were spanking his ass. The direction is from the top to the bottom with the backhand using only the fingers. One day two girls did it to me a lot of times and my ass was very warm while I was sitting. I had forgotten it.


I think it likely comes down to personal preference and pain tolerance. I can’t see β€œhand only” being overly effective unless his tolerance is low OR she has an especially hard hand.

I can see how some might like to finish a punishment spanking by hand, just for that personal touch.


Not long ago I came home and found 3 spanking implements on our the bed. There was a note that read: β€œD assume the position ASAP! I’ll be home very soon.” I could not for the life of me, figure what I had done to deserve a spanking, much less with 3 implements. I was about to lower my shorts and underwear when my cell rang and I saw it was β€œJβ€œ. She said, β€œHoney, I just picked up dinner for us,” I asked, β€œWhy am I going to be spanked with 3 instruments?” She laughed hysterically and said, β€œOH! I FORGOT about doing that! APRIL FOOLS!” πŸ˜³πŸ™

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