Giving A Real Belt Spanking

wife taking belt offWhile the majority of people look at functionality and fashion of belts, There are quite a few of us that have a fuller understanding of what they are capable in the disciplinary sense. It may be foreign to the younger generation but when I was a kid, getting threatened OR actually GETTING the belt was a real possibility in many homes. I didn’t get the belt growing up but my Mom DID have a paddle that she used on us. But on occasion, we’d get threatened with the belt and for whatever reason, we thought that was the worst of the worst.

My husband has a bit of a leather fetish and as such, has bought me many nice leather belts. I mean, NICE leather belts. Italian leather, saddle or harness leather. Belts that have some nice weight and flexibility to them. He knew he was going to get spanked by me with them, which at that point in time, he wasn’t afraid because we were operating under the “safeword” rule and doing mostly fun spankings. But, once we crossed over into REAL discipline, some of the belts he bought me came back to…say…bite him on the ass?

The Beauty of the Belt
The belt is awesome because like sandals, it is a spanking implement in disguise. I remember flying to Vegas and packing a spanking paddle in our carry on luggage, then dying a thousand deaths when I noticed security checking many of the carry ons! Foresight was not one of my younger traits obviously. Fortunately that scene did not play out like it could have but the lesson was learned and now I only travel with spanking implements that can be worn. Specifically my belts and sandals. BTW, some hotels have removable wooden or plastic dowels for the curtains or blinds which are nice substitutes for a cane and very quiet.

coiled leather beltHow to Give a Good (REAL) Belt Spanking
So the first part of giving your husband or boyfriend a GOOD belt spanking is having a decent belt to start off with. Like this beauty on the right. 1 1/2″ of butt blistering Italian leather. OR just knowing how to use less hearty or capable belts. In fact, one of the worse belt whuppin’s I gave my husband, was with a leather belt that wasn’t as heavy, thick or wide as this belt. So fret not if you don’t have a belt like this one, but need to teach him a lesson. There is something you can do which will make ANY belt hurt ten times worse. More on that little secret later.

The Belt
So the belt should be made of either leather or rubber. It should be pliable and have some weight to it. 1.5″ wide is my preference, although a good thin (but dense) leather belt leave some nasty welts and can get quite a reaction! If you have leather belt but it is on the light side and not very flexible, you can always add more weight and pliability to it with a good leather conditioner like neatsfoot oil. However, if you don’t want to darken the leather, you’ll need to find a Non-Darkening leather conditioner. I always have my husband test it on a small spot first before continuing to condition the whole belt. Yes…I make HIM oil up my belts and then bring them to me for my inspection. šŸ˜‰

bent over showing beltWearing the Belt
I used to think that the warmth of me wearing a belt made it more pliable, hence more “mean” during a spanking but the reality is that I have blistered my husband’s behind after having worn it all day, as well as taking it straight out of the belt drawer in our dresser. And I couldn’t tell a difference from my end LOL. And his reaction was just the same. When I asked him about it later, he told me that he couldn’t tell a difference in the pain from a belt worn all day versus one that wasn’t. He said he’s been conditioned now to have a nervous reaction when he hears me opening the belt drawer, but that it is even more ominous and intimidating for him to see me putting on and wearing the very belt that I’m going to use on him later that day. So I like him having a little mental anguish beforehand. And I just LOVE the nervous look on his face when he watches me unbuckle my belt, slide it through the belt loops, and double it over, right before his spanking.

Doubling the Belt Over
I’ve seen some people wrap a belt around one hand and use the tail end to spank with, but in my experience, the worst belt spankings are when it is doubled over. Increasing the weight and sting of each lash.

doubled over leather belt

Assume The Position
I’ve spanked him bent over a chair, couch, and now most often, over the end of our bed. I’ve also spanked him laying on the bed with his butt propped up over one of those reading pillow which we now refer to as the “spanking pillow”. Having him being bent over something, makes the swats sting more. I think it has to do with the skin being tighter as he’s bent over and for him having to maintain position while the belt is landing over and over again. He definitely has a harder time maintaining position when he has to stand and bend over, than when he’s laying down getting it. And I like that he has to incorporate some mental discipline to stay in position during the spanking. I assign extra swats AFTER his spanking for not maintaining position. So, my recommendation is make him bend over something to receive his spanking.

fm belt spanking

It Is Time
Remember that this is a punishment spanking. Therefore, there is no warmup, not a lot of chit chat between swats. Start swinging for the fences right from the beginning. Remember to swing hard BUT…be in control. Know the length of your belt and don’t let it wrap around and hit his front. Some lashes on the side of the butt and hip are OK and hurt like hell. But the majority of the swats should land between the top of his butt (not his back) and down to the upper part of the back of his legs. Another really painful spot that usually gets the tears going.

fm dd belt spanking

During a belt spanking, sometimes the belt will turn and not land flush on his backside. These are known as “edge” swats and while they don’t sound as loud as a swat landing perfectly, they hurt 10 times worse. These are knee buckling, tear jerking swats. I used to try hard for them NOT to happen but they only happen every 7th to 10th swat and so now, it is just known to be part of a belt whuppin’. Some spankers will hold the belt with their free hand to keep the belt straight and mitigate the belt from turning. Not me. But to each their own.

BTW, this edge swat is the trick I mentioned earlier. I used this one time when we were traveling and my husband was being a bit unruly. I had on a leather belt but it was one of my smaller belts at only an 1 3/8″ wide. So when I threatened him with it, he was a little more brave than he would’ve been because he saw what belt I was wearing, knew I didn’t have access to my favorite belt and didn’t think this one would hurt that much. And he was right, until I started intentionally making it land with the dreaded edge swats. He was very quickly reduced to tears and learned a very valuable lesson…Don’t question the Queen’s ability to lay on a severe ass whuppin’ with whatever belt she has on!

Domestic Discipline spanking

Both Sides
fm belt spankingThe doubled over, loop end of the belt will give good painful swats and slight wrap arounds, so I like to spank from both sides so that each buttock gets those lovely attention getting swats equally. One thing to note however, is to not switch sides too often. The accumulative pain of one swat right after another is part of what makes a real spanking hurt so much (and hence most effective). If you’re switching sides every 4th or 5th swat, you’ve giving him too many breaks in the punishment and reducing the accumulative pain significantly. I like to give him 15 to 20 lashes from one side before I switch to the other side. I normally don’t know how many swats I am going to give him. I generally spank until I feel he’s cried enough and has learned enough of a lesson. But if I knew I was going to give him 60 lashes, I would give him 30 from one side and then 30 from the other side.

The Final Count
Something I started doing a while ago and still use most of the time when spanking him, is something I call the final count. As I said, for a real spanking, I don’t usually have a set number I’m going to spank him. It also depends on the implement I’m using. If I’m using a cane or my wicked switch, I’ll get him to the “lesson learned” point quite a bit faster. For a belt whuppin’, if I had to guess, I would say I probably end up giving him 80 to 90 swats. At any rate, after I decide that he’s learned his lesson. I will give him a number and tell him to “count ’em”. Usually that number is 10 but on occasion I might give him 20. What that means is, I’m going to spank him whatever number I told him, to finish out the spanking and he’s going to count them out for me and thank me for it. So it’ll go something like this, “10 more…count ’em.”

fm belt spanking on bedSMACK!

One! Thank you.


Twooo. Thank you.

…and so on, until we reach ten. If he takes too long, he gets the swat/lash but it doesn’t count towards the final count number.

I like this because he is crying by this point and it is quite an effort for him to take a harsh swat, muster out the count and thank me for it all fairly quickly. It is another mental discipline task he has to perform like keeping his position. I actually have a whole list of rules for a domestic discipline spanking, which have consequences for him not following them or breaking any of the rules.

After the final count, he’ll be given any penalty swats he earned during the course of the spanking. Although this has become quite a rare occurrence these days as he quickly learned that it is better to follow the rules and take the spanking coming and only the spanking coming. One time he earned 30 penalty swats during a very harsh woodshed session. I gave him the final count and he got through that. Then I told him his spanking was over. I then paused for a moment, then told him, “Now, for your 30 penalty lashes.” He weeped at just the thought of them. But I still gave him every. single. one.

Post Spanking
on her lapAfterwards, he has to stay in position until I tell him the spanking is over. I do so by sitting in the sofa chair (my throne), still holding the belt and then I tell him to “come here”. He walks over to me and kneels in front of the chair and puts his head on my lap. I’ll caress his hair and tell him again, that his spanking is over and that if I have to “talk” to him again anytime in the near future, that he’ll be bent back over the bed, getting it even worse. Although I give that warning. I’m not mean about it. He earned a real spanking and he got it. I’m not going to continue punishing him. It’s over. I tell him to kiss my foot. Partly as a show of my power but mostly because I know he has a thing for my feet. And I DO love this man.

For 3 or 4 weeks afterwards, I have the most helpful and eager to please man around. He looks for reasons to be helpful, does extra items off the honey do list and is generally in a great mood. Never underestimate the benefits of a good old fashioned belt whuppin’!

Now ladies…isn’t it time you go find yourself a nice belt?

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I used to see a dominatrix, and I would get the belt often. I wonder what it would be like to actually be in a relation where a good whipping was part of daily life.

John Thwacker

We have been spanking for pleasure and punishment for 25 years now, and the intimacy of it never wanes. For pleasure we use all sorts of implements we have collected over the years and the spanker gets to choose the weapon of joy. The spankee gets to say how hard and when to stop.

Punishment spankings are different. Perception is reality. If my wife says I am guilty of something, I am guilty of the offense whether I believe I am or not. It is her anger that needs to be released, and I must submit to what ever implement she chooses, how hard she spanks, and for how long the spanking lasts. She usually spanks until the weapon of ass destruction falls upon a numb bottom, and I am bawling my eyes out.

This insures that my butt will ache for at least a day and a half and often longer giving me much time to mull over my transgressions. She receives the very same consideration when she has ticked me off. We never go to bed angry with one another; one of us will go to bed with a very sore bottom and a lesson learned. The end result is the volcano of anger never builds up to the explosion of “I WANT A DIVORCE!”


The belt is definitely good for discipline. I use to get it as a teenager for serious stuff. I remember me and my brothers were playing with matches and caught the bush alight at the back of our house. I was 15 years old/ my brother 14 and my other brother 13. When our dad found out, he grabbed his belt and took us to our bedroom where he thrashed all of us with his belt. I was first…I had to drop my trousers and underwear and bend over the bed. He spanked my bare bum really hard about 20 times. I was crying and couldn’t sit down for 2 days. Then my 2 brothers got it as well. It was a punishment we did deserve. Fire engines had to put out the bush fire.


Great, now every time I go to a hotel Iā€™m going to have this image in my mind of the dowels for the blinds having landed previously on Joeys butt, thank you:)


I have had the desire to have my wife spank me as you have described in your article about a real belt spanking. She is handicapped and not physically able to do that to me.


Such a wonderful, well-written essay on the use of the belt in domestic discipline! It is such a powerful visual implement for a naughty boy to see displayed, whether in the belt loops of the Spanker, hanging on a hook, or doubled up in the hand of the Spanker who is about to use it! The way it can punish is remarkable, leaving a bottom crimson red, or with welts, or purple, or all of the above. i noted the portion about strokes delivered. i personally don’t think the spankee should ever know the number he is going to get, since he can steel up his courage to take them, knowing how many he has to go. But You have a good compromise of giving him what punishes him and then adding the discipline factor to have him concentrate on a specific number and count those. i also like how You have him remain in position while You rest on Your throne. That way, he knows You still could stand up and deliver more of the belt if You think he deserves more. Such a luck naughty boy he is to have You punish him this way when he deserves it!

Uma Thwacker

I totally agree with Mr. Thwacker as I am Mrs. Thwacker, and he said it like it happens. My biggest offense is bitchiness. He doesn’t let me get away with a bitchy attitude. I come by it naturally as my mother is a Super Bitch and a girl learns from her mother the bad things as well as the good. I average one or two spankings a month. My husband, on the other hand, is a bad boy. That is one reason I fell for him in the first place, but that’s another story. He averages between two and four spankings a month.

I spank him if he forgets to take the trash out on pickup trash day, leaving his clothes where ever he decides to take them off, leaving the toilet seat up (He left it up once about 15 years ago and in the dark of the night, I sat down on the porcelain bowl and my butt went into the wet toilet. I screamed and he got out of bed on a run. When he turned on the light, he saw me pull my dripping bottom out of the toilet. He said nothing, but went straight for the mahogany paddle. I wore his ass out butt good! Ever after, if I find the lid up, he gets the same spanking! He has left it up only twice since that day; once four years later, on purpose, to see what I would do, and once last week by forgetfulness. Both times, I applied the board of education as vigorously as I did the night I pulled my dripping bottom out of the toilet. I suspect it will be a long time before he leaves it up again.)

Spanking works. No one goes to bed angry. Spanking releases anger quickly and effectively sends a message of: “Think twice before offending your spouse!”

I love the spankings he gives me almost every morning. It stimulates my brain and wakes me up. We have sex after each session and our marriage never gets boring. Spanking releases Oxytocin, and that’s the love hormone. It binds us together closer than when we first were married. I truly believe if you Spank Your Spouse, You Will Avoid Divorce. We have. It never even crosses our mind.

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