Getting The Belt

Taking off her beltLast week my wife took me to the “woodshed” and gave me a good old fashioned and severe belt whuppin’. As a matter of fact, it’s a week later and I still have some bruising and blood blisters on my backside.

I’ve gotten the belt many times before and all of them have taught me quite the lesson, but I realized that there are several ways she approaches a belt spanking that I thought I’d highlight in this post.

The first and probably most ominous approach, is when she’s already wearing the meanest belt in her arsenal and tells me to either “Bend over.” or “Assume the position.” Either statement means the same. Pull down my pants and underwear and bend over the end of our bed. Our bed is pretty tall and so it is the perfect spanking bench as when I bend over it, my butt is in the perfect position for the spanking. After I bend over, she walks over to the left side of the bed so if I turn my head and look to the left (while bent over), I can see her as she starts to unbuckle her belt. The jingle of the brass buckle is followed by the slither sound of the leather belt sliding through her belt loops, as she pulls it through and doubles it over. Knowing how bad that belt hurts, and that severe pain is about to enter your body, can almost take your breath away as she walks back to the end of the bed with it doubled over.

The second approach is when she isn’t wearing that belt and goes into our bedroom closet to get it. This isholding doubled over belt a bit worrisome as there are a slew of other painful implements in that closet and sometimes, when I think I’m getting just the belt, she’ll walk out with her belt in one hand and her cane in the other. Or sometimes, she’ll call an audible and just come out with the cane or switch. (For the record, I would gladly take a woodshed whuppin’ with a belt, rather than the cane or the Wicked Switch).

So, watching her walk into the closet, your stomach begins to feel nervous, knowing that your going to get it but hoping it is not going to get worse then a belting. Then when she comes out with the belt and doubles it over, there is a second of relief but that quickly goes away as you realize that the belt hurts like hell and she is about to blister your backside with it.

The third approach is what happened last week. She wasn’t wearing a belt and so she told ME to go get her belt and lay it on the bed. And while she didn’t specify which belt to get, I have already learned the hard way, not to try to bring her a less heavy, mean, painful belt. The last time I did that, she made that belt turn so that a majority of lashes were the dreaded edge swats. Then, after what I thought was the end of the belt whuppin’, she tossed that belt on the bed and told me to go get her THE belt. Which I did, and got the belt whuppin’ I would’ve gotten, had I just brought her that belt in the first place. Lesson. Learned.

So anyway, I go to our closet and over to her belt rack (yes, she has a rack from which many leather belts hang), and I look for and take her meanest leather belt off its hook at which point I’m reminded of its weight and density. I walk out of the closet, doubling the belt over and then lay it on the bed for her as she sits in the lounge chair (aka her throne), in our room, watching and dangling the sandal on her crossed over leg. In this particular instance, after I put the belt on the bed, she told me to come kneel before her. Where she pulled out her phone and started going over a list of my transgressions that she had been keeping record of. This list was longer than I anticipated and made me realize I was in for a serious whuppin’.

After she read the list, she told me that she was going to show me what “being bad, feels like”. And then said the dreaded words, “Assume the position.” I got up from my knees and walked over to the bed. Unbuckled my belt and took down my shorts and underwear. I bent over the end of the bed next to the doubled over leather belt at which point, I saw her hand reach down and pick it up.

She exclaimed, “You have been so bad, that I’m actually giddy about whuppin’ your backside right now.” And with that, the belting began. Lash after lash after lash. Oftentimes, she’ll address a transgression and then give me 5 or 6 swats with her belt, then start talking some more about it or about a new transgression. Those little breaks in between are a welcomed little break to the pain. But not this time. This time, she did all her talking up front, and just kept swinging and spanking me with her belt. Over and over again. After about 30 swats from one side, she walked over to the other side and started again. Swat after miserable swat. If you’ve ever been spanked, you know that the accumulation of pain from swat after swat, after swat is worse, than long or various pauses during the spanking where the pain subsides for that moment.

belt spanking over bedShe spanked from both side in long stretches and what I gather was about 70 to 80 lashes later. Then she stated, “That spanking is over, but I remember I owe you 30 lashes for popping off the other day.” Oh man, my heart sank. I thought…30 more?! I was already in tears. The first swat landed and when I didn’t count “1” and “thank you”. She got annoyed, “So, I’m just going to keep spanking until you start the count, is that it?” I honestly didn’t know this was part of the final count thing she has me do as the number has never been that high. Usually, it is 10 but on a rare occasion it is 20. But she was using this last 30 as the final count. “I’m sorry my Queen!” I stammered, “I didn’t know you wanted me to count these…One! Thank you.” “No no.” she quickly responded. We start over. SMACK! “One! Thank you!” I cried out. And so on, crying through and counting 15 swats in a row on one side, then 16 through 30 from the other side.

Afterwards, she held onto the belt and came over and whispered in my ear, “Do you think you can behave now? Because I can continue.” “Yes Ma’ am, I can behave. Please let me show you. I’m eager to please.” I begged as I felt my backside throbbing from the top of my butt to the upper backs of my legs. She paused for a moment and I about held my breath, honestly not knowing if she would start up again or not. Thankfully, she told me to “come here”. The signal that the spanking is over. And like after every spanking, I go to her, drop to my knees and hold her around her waist. She usually is still holding the implement she spanked me with in one hand, and strokes my hair or wipes away a tear with the other. Then she backs up and puts her foot forward without saying a word, as I am to kiss it. Then she switches to the other foot and I do the same. After that, she’ll either put the belt back on, hand it to me or toss it on the bed and tell me to put things away. Which I do and then I go look at my disciplined backside in the mirror.

So…Which approach does your Wife or GF do, when she gives you the belt?

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Love your site.

Any advice on how to meet a woman like you?

The Wicked Queen

Hello Matthew and thank you for the kind words.

I didn’t start out being a woman like I am now. We sort of evolved into what we do now. My husband wrote a little background on how it started on our About us page:

To his credit, he is open to accepting real spankings. I’m not sure how many men would actually continue to accept that after getting a REAL spanking with a severe implement. He’ll be the first to tell you that real spankings are no fun.

But back to your question…I don’t know if I have advice how to find a woman like me. BUT…I would venture to say that many (if not most) gfs and wives would probably LOVE to give there bfs and husbands a good hard butt whuppin’ from time to time. So with that being said, it is just a matter of finding a compatible woman you like, and grow the relationship from there. Once some trust is establish, maybe start off small with some “fun” spankings as a part of foreplay and go from there.

Good luck to you!


Does hubby allow you to give the belt to other guys? He can watch I’m okay with that. I haven’t gotten the belt since probably 14. I wonder if it hurts still as a adult as much. I need to test that theory 🙂

The Wicked Queen

No, I only spank my husband. And according to him, my belt spankings hurt more than any he’s had in his entire life. Hope you find that special someone to help you test your theory out. Until then, you can live vicariously through Joey. 🙂

Roy Wells

Hi, you shouldn’t restrict yourself to just women. There are plenty of guys who would love a spanking relationship. But be very careful who and how you approach them. Don’t mention spanking at first just let any relationship ripen a little. Drop little hints and let your interest in spanking sites like this one become known. Let Mistress Wicked Queen do a lot of the process and you’ll find yourself bare bottomed very quickly and a guy applying strokes from paddle or strap, and expect them to really, really hurt. You might cry a lot like I do but it’ll be worth it.


Our ‘belt’ for spanking is an implement made for spanking. A 40 inch long, 2 inch wide belt had the buckle and punched holes cut off, then doubled over and the ends attached to a wood handle. The belt is now a doubled, 18 inch long, 2 inch wide leather strip on a wood handle. When used, it is much like you state, one lash after the other from both sides and never less that 40 strokes.

I did get spanked with an actual belt at a friends home. I misbehaved in front of a group and she pulled me to an adjacent room to be punished. We had no implements so she directed me to take off the belt I was wearing on my jeans. She doubled it and spanked my bare ass loud enough that everyone in the next room was aware I was being spanked. Very humiliating when we returned to the group and I had to face everyone.

The Wicked Queen

We have some punishment straps that are great for blistering his behind but we don’t have a strap doubled over with a wooden handle. I’ve seen them but just haven’t gotten or had him make me one. The belt that I normally spank him with is an Italian leather belt that dense, flexible and has some decent weight to it. It is pretty vicious for spanking and does a great job at inducing tears and wrecking his backside. I haven’t spanked him in front (or within earshot) of people, but he doesn’t put it past me that I will. He has on several occasions come close to that, but with just one look or whispered warning, he straightened the ship right away.


We still make that doubled belt and other wood paddles. Would you like one?

James Kelty

What are athe specs and price of them? Does the leather have holes in it or not? Is it “finished ” with any kind of oil or other leather product?

The Wicked Queen

Hi cowboy and thanks! I’m always open to getting another implement of ass destruction. My husband…not so much. Do you have an online store? I might be interested in the doubled over strap on a stick. Depends on the cost and what it looks like.


Did you ever have guests sleeping over night and still wreck his butt? We did and the cane “silently” blistered my bottom!

The Wicked Queen

Absolutely. And it has been the cane or my Wicked Switch to do the wreck his backside. And I tell him to grab his pillow to cry out into.


Can a belt really be that effective? It was horrible as a kid getting 5-10 from my dad…I have my doubts about my wife duplicating that level of pain using a belt on a grown man. What do you think Wicked Queen? Any tips or suggestions? Thanks!

The Wicked Queen

Hey GE, thanks for your comment and question. I think it partially depends on the belt. But most belts hurt. My “go to” belt I use to spank my husband with is an Italian leather belt that has been oiled many times over. It is dense, pliable and lands with significant weight. My husband has a high tolerance for pain, but this belt, when applied in a REAL manner (i.e. bare butt, no warm up, one swat right after another with all swats being given severely), can bring him to tears. Add to that, a small percentage of swats land with the edge of the belt which are extremely painful. Plus I will spank him from the top off his butt to the upper back of his legs. Finally, when I take him to the woodshed, he’ll get somewhere around 80+ swats with it. The accumulation of swats increases the pain as well. So…to answer your question, yes, I know first hand that a belt can be that effective. 😉


Thank you for your reply….my wife is game to give this a shot…Judging by your answer I may not want this as much as I think I do!

The Wicked Queen

Haha, yep…the saying, “Be careful what you wish for comes to mind.” 😉 Real spanking is where “we’re” at. But there are all kinds of variations of it. If you’re looking for true accountability and behavior modification, then you have to be up for taking what the both of you decide is “real” punishment. Communication is the key. As a side note, there are a lot of benefits for a woman in a spanking relationship. If she hasn’t yet, you might ask her to read my post about the benefits to a woman of being in a F/M spanking relationship. And at the end of the day, if you find that discipline spankings aren’t your cup of tea, check out an old post my husband wrote about fun spankings. Regardless, good luck to you and your wife.


A riding crop and a razor strop later, I’m a believer…had no idea my wife could hit so hard! It’s worse than I thought for sure and she hasn’t even been severe yet….but my behavior is improving by leaps and bounds!

The Wicked Queen

Good to hear! Both of those are very capable implements. And it is amazing the amount of improvement in attitude and behavior a sore backside can bring. 🙂


Good morning. Before you guys switched to the real DD spankings did you ever spank Joey to tears or was it after the real spanking started. I’m wanting to switch to DD but I haven’t gotten my wife there yet. The spankings I get are pretty harsh and I have bruises for a week after. I’ve never been spanked to tears though and would like to experience that one day. It’s kind of weird to want to be spanked to tears and I can’t explain why really, I just know that I want it to happen.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Richard, no I don’t recall ever spanking Joey to tears before we started real DD spankings. Primarily, because when things started getting to his limit, he would use his safeword (rightly so). It is a significant jump forward to NOT use your safeword and take a real spanking. Self preservation will kick in. But, we’ve evolved to that point and it has been good for the both of us on a variety of fronts. When your wife spanks you, is there a warm up spanking first? Or any pauses between swats? Especially after a strong reaction from you? The spankings to tears comes from no warm up, one hard swat after another with a harsh implement, and no long pauses or rubbing of his butt in between swats. What does she usually spank you with?


Good afternoon. My wife mainly does it with a belt, sometimes she will put me over her knee and uses a paddle. There is a little bit of a warm up with the belt, she just doesn’t swing as hard. She doesn’t pause very much once it starts.

The Wicked Queen

Thanks for further expanding. So, as I alluded to previously, if you’re looking for a spanking that can bring you to tears, I would say you need to get rid of the “warm up”, type of swats. That may just take her some time to get comfortable giving you really hard swats right off the bat. But I think it is awesome that she is open to the idea. Another implement that can help you get to tears if you so desire, is to get spanked with a water soaked cane. My favorite is 3/8″, and if swung with even medium to hard strokes, (again with no warm up), can bring forth the tears quickly. Or of course, my Wicked Switch. 😉


Ok, thanks for your replys. I think that she is close to giving me real spankings. She has been spanking me for about 4 years now and we still use the safe word but she will keep going for a bit after I say it. The intensity of the spanking has gone up over time as well and now after a short warm-up she gives me the belt very hard and fast. It can be pretty intense. I think I will have her read your post about considering a spanking relationship. I really do want to be held accountable by her and think that it would improve an already good marriage.

The Wicked Queen

That’s awesome. Good luck and hope to hear from you again. 🙂


I’m an absolute bitch at DD time! No more sweet wife.

todd strips bare naked, socks off, shirt off, bare butt. I find him being nude while I’m dressed adds to his humiliation.

I have 2 paddles and a green plastic thin rod I use. I redden his cheeks with 50 or 75 lighter whacks, in the exact same spot, no pauses, just to break his will. He reddens after about 25 whacks, by 40 or 50 he’s very uncomfortable, as we approach 75 he is desperate for me to stop and the tears are flowing. That’s when the true domestic FLR discipline begins!

I’m a small girl, so my paddles are small, but I have good wrists to really smack his ass! I’m an expert at hitting the same spot over and over as the tears flow, and hubby learns his lesson and place. I have a thin warm up paddle, a paddle for really whacking his butt, and the rods are for occasions when I want to leave welts and marks on his flesh.

My muscular man submits to me completely, and Ive never been more turned on in my life!

The Wicked Queen

I agree. When it is time for discipline, I transition into, well, The Wicked Queen. I take his punishments very seriously and mete them out harshly. I don’t do any warm up swats. It is hard swats/lashes from the very beginning, which breaks him down quickly. And yes, when I want to put an exclamation point on any spanking, one of the rods (canes or my wicked switch), may come out and leave some nice welts as it brings forth more tears. Fortunately for him, I don’t bring them out too often. And yes, I find something very sexy about how Joey will submit to no one…but ME. That is a powerful and sexy feeling.


My wife paddles me. She was not into it at first, but now she is taking notes when I forget things and keeping track of when I screw up. We started last June and she did not start taking it seriously until January 2024.

The Wicked Queen

Hi there and thanks for sharing. Glad to hear that 2024 is starting off with a bang! 😉

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