FAQ’s About Our Spanking Videos

I wanted to take a moment to touch base on our domestic discipline spanking videos. We have received some great reviews, feedback and quite a lot of questions regarding them. So I thought I would gather some of the most common questions and answer them here for anyone else who is curious.

Question: Are these spankings really REAL?

OTK sandal spanking f/mAnswer: I think you only have to watch one of our videos to know they are in fact very real spankings. In each spanking video we do, we try to make sure there is video of Joey’s backside before the spanking starts, in order to show that there was no warm up BEFORE the spanking. How many times have you seen a spanking video where the spanker pulls down the spankee’s pants and underwear, and their bottom is already red. πŸ€” Things that make you go…Hmm.

Not a slam against them, (unless they are saying it is a real spanking when it clearly is not). But our goal was to share and show what a REAL spanking means to us, and what Joey is subject to (consensually), on occasion. For us, a real spanking means…no warm up, no long pauses between swats or lashes, and just one hard swat or lash after another. Most of you probably already know our thoughts on this.

I’ve recently seen some “punishment” spanking videos where a medium stroke with the paddle was given, followed by caressing the butt with the paddle on the bottom, before the next medium swat was given. To us, that is a fun spanking, or perhaps “funishment”. Again, to each their own but that is not what a DD spanking looks like to us.

One last note on this…we ARE planning to do several “How To” videos. Like…How to spank with a sandal. How to Spank with a belt, etc. We’ve been asked by several wives who are new to spanking, exactly how to do it. While it seems easy enough, there are some pitfalls for sure, as well as some techniques and safety measures that would be good to learn and practice before a spanking is given. The reason I bring this up, is that these videos will NOT be woodshed whuppin’ videos, even if Joey is due for one. That’s because I plan on taking my time explaining the techniques and getting into some detail on my techniques. But we’ll always point that out in the description, that “This Is Not A Punishment Spanking Video”, or something of the like.

Question: Do you script out the spankings?

post f/m spankingAnswer: No. I will oftentimes have an idea of WHAT I’m going to spank Joey with, and an idea of how many times with each implement. But the discussions between us, are as real as the spanking. It is interesting that when I channel my “inner-Wicked Queen”, I come up with some “gems” as Joey says. He’s mentioned this long before we were recording and even thinking about sharing videos. And these things just come naturally to me during the course of a real spanking. Stuff like, “THIS is what being bad feels like.” or “Hands come off the bed, and we start over.” Or “Take the pain, you’ve certainly earned it.” I honestly don’t sit around and think of these tidbits beforehand. My Wicked Queen just comes forth with these wonderfully strict and stern statements, along with the demeanor to match.

Our thought is if someone JUST wants to see OTK spankings, they they should’ve have to pay for the belting and paddling that was part of the actual woodshed spanking. So…hopefully this is helpful to some of you out there. πŸ™‚

Question: Where can I buy a belt and/or paddle like that?

Answer: So the belt I’ve used I think in every video we’ve done, is my Wicked Italian leather belt. Joey found it as a high end closeout store. It was super long, and didn’t fit me, and so it was just used occasionally for spanking, back in the fun spanking days. Then he bought a nice brass belt buckle, and took it to a leathersmith, who custom made it to my size.

leather belt around woman waistThat’s when I started wearing it often. As mentioned in Joey’s post “Oiling the Belt“, it has been conditioned and oils many times over the years. This has increased it flexibility AND its density. It has made it a truly wicked belt for spanking. But…that’s what makes it so effective. Long story short…we have looked a little for Italian leather that is similar to my belt, but it is yet to be found. If we do, we’d like to offer them up for sale. But…there are a lot of good leather belts out there, that just need a little love (and oil), and they can be ready to blister and bruise a backside in no time!

The paddle I used in this last spanking video, is currently sold out, but we’ll look to get more in. In the meantime, we just started carrying this paddle – Brown Wenge Wood Paddle and it works GREAT. Small but dense. Great paddle for OTK fans.

brown spanking paddle

I like the solid contact and sound it makes, when it connects on Joey’s behind. Sorry Joey…but I do. (Read – more paddlings for Joey).

Question: Joey – How do you stay in position for such a harsh spanking?

Answer (from Joey): Well, I DO move around a little, but thankfully it has not been enough to earn myself penalty swats as per the Punishment Spanking Rules, or, as you’ve heard Jess say on occasion, “Stay in position or we will start this spanking over.” At the end of the day, I have learned the hard way, that moving too much and not maintaining position only gets me more spanking. So I know it is best to take just the spanking I have coming, instead of giving her cause to add to it. It IS quite the exercise in mental discipline I must say, as self preservation kicks in. But remembering that I earned it, deserve it, and that she deserves to give it to me, I think helps me out a bit.

paddle spanking action shots

Question: Why don’t you know show Joey kissing your feet at the end? I’d love to see that.

Well, two reasons really. One is that after a spanking like that, there is an intimate moment between us. We’d like to keep that just between us. Secondly, even though Joey is wearing a mask in these past couple of spanking videos, we feel there would be too much exposure of him, and as you know, we wish to keep our anonymity intact.

spanking sandal associations

Question: When are you going to use the Cane/Wicked Switch/Wicked Strap on him?

I’m sure those will come into play at some point in time. But if you’ve been reading our blog for a little bit, you’ve probably heard him or me state that I use those implements on him sparingly. Reason being is because they are VERY severe. I am not going to use something like that on him just to appease requests, or to get more views. When it does happen, it will come about very organically. But for what it’s worth, the Wicked Strap has been on my mind as of late…

wicked punishment strap


So that concludes this session of FAQ’s but keep them coming. We’re usually not shy about answering them.

Spanking Video Update: As we’ve been fielding these comments and questions since that last trip to the woodshed, and I had an interesting realization…simply that there are people who just (or mostly) like OTK spankings, or some who just (or mostly) like belt spankings, and some who just (or mostly) just like paddle spankings. And I’m sure there are those who just (or mostly) like canings, and those who just (or mostly) like punishment strappings.

I guess it never really dawned on me (or us), as I think we’ve always had an even viewpoint of all kinds of spankings. But, to that point, we are going to put out a few compilation videos. Right now the three on deck are: All About the Paddle – A compilation of the paddlings that Joey has gotten, followed by “Nothing But the Belt” – Which will obviously be all the beltings he’s gotten, but he did come across some new footage the other day, that has never been seen before. So he is going to put that on there as well. And lastly, an OTK video (sandals and slippers).

otk sandal spanking stills

Because these are compilation videos, of previously recorded full trips to the woodshed, we’ll be offering them at a bit of a discount. We just wanted to do a solid for our readers who have specific spanking tastes. The spankings I give usually have 2 or 3 implements involved. And we show the whole woodshed whoopin’ in its entirety. But after my realization, I thought…why should someone have to pay for a spanking that includes stuff they don’t like or aren’t really into?

So keep an eye out for those if you’re interested. Oh, and…by popular demand, we’re going to be doing some of my sandal dangling and foot videos for those who would like to get those. In fact, I’m going to get a pedicure this week so we can start shooting some of that “footage” soon. πŸ¦ΆπŸ˜‰

If you’re not into feet…my apologies…it was Joey’s idea to add the larger picture of my feet in these jelly sandals. πŸ™ƒ

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I’ve had some bad habits that I have tried to kick for years without any luck. Including things like disrespecting someone because I’m preoccupied, the problem is I don’t even realize I’m doing it until later.

I want a person that can call me out for it and follow through with a real spanking .


Thanks for the insightful answers to the questions. One note to Joey on the ‘movement’ issue. I, too am supposed to remain still for my due spankings. I am allowed a small amount of movement which is mostly involuntary. I recoil from the impact and at times need a moment to process the pain. Like you, I am to reposition quickly. I do this by presenting my ass for the next strike….almost like saying ‘here it is Ma’am, spank me again’.


Yeah, I do my best as well, but some involuntary movement happens as well. She gives me a little leeway as well, thankfully. I haven’t been told to present my butt for the next one, and almost cringe at the thought, as the last time I did that…I did it out of rebellion, and she broke me down with a paddle. Oof, that was a rough one. LOL


We once had a wood shed appt to blister my butt within the next 10 minutes. But her sister called saying she and her family were in the neighborhood and would like to visit within the next 20 minutes. So my beautiful wife improvised and I received a QUICKEE SEVERE SPANKING WITH THREE instruments AND 25 minutes later I was greeting the family. Her sister remarked β€œD you look so flustered & red faced. Are you ok! ?” I assume now that maybe she thought her phone call interrupted us while we were having sex! Joey did you ever get a quickee spanking because time did not allow a full woodshed spanking.


Oh yeah, we just refer to them as “impromptu spankings”. Some have been right before expecting guests, and some have been when guests have already arrived. In the latter case, she’ll ask for my assistance upstairs for a minute, and then it’s into the closet and something quiet like the cane or wicked switch gets used. LOL


Your blog is so interesting — and honest. It’s nice to see another loving couple who use true punishment as a way to help with behavior. While my hubby and I are both spankos, and we both enjoy role playing spankings, I also use spankings for true punishment. The two are very different. About two years ago, I got a perfect strap that I use for severe punishments. And, as you said, there is no warm up, no questions, no role playing but pure punishment while he is naked over two pillows to lift up his naked bottom for a brutal punishment that changes his behavior or puts his attitude in check. I give him as many rounds of 10 strokes as I determine at the time, leaving his bottom well marked and sore for days, but without any real harm at all. Thanks for sharing how you go about delivering behavior changing punishment. I bet you will find a good strap effective.


Thank you. It’s nice to share and learn. I find that for true punishment, having him on the bed naked with his butt upturned allows me to use gravity to increase the power of my strokes — and puts his upper thighs clearly into the view of my eyes and the strap. I do require my hubby to bend over the sofa or a chair for quicker, less severe paddlings.
Thanks for your site and the informative and educational discussion. I always find it helpful to meet with other FLR/disciplinary couples or exchange thoughts online.


How can somebody question that the videos you post are not real? That they are rather play than punishment?


Beats me! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

cronin charles

Not as rough as the experience above—but for really outrageous conduct my very good wife can finally simply have ‘too much’ of my conduct and we both know i got a bare paddling coming–We seem to know at the same time when a bare butt paddling is what I have earned and deserve. I go out to the garage get a skinny stick, come back in—bare my butt, hike up my shirt and go over her lap. She paddles me and it hurts. i do not cry but I end up saying stuff like, “I’m sorry” “My butt really hurts” She is done when she is done and my butt hurts. Things are fine between us afterward–My bare butt paddling has cleared the air. Any other guys like me?


Just out of curiosity where did you get long paddle at? It appears to be over 2 feet long. Love your blog.


My name is Sue, and I’ve been married to paul for over 40 years. I first spanked paul way before we married. He was late picking me up for the third time, so I had him across my lap for a few with my mum’s wooden clothes brush that she lent me. Paul thought it was a joke until I had him undo his trousers for a good couple of dozen on the bare. This was the start of me training paul how to behave as I wanted. Roll it on 40 years plus and we now have house rules on the wall in the hallway. I have kept a record of every punishment given to paul whether by me or a friend. We are now on volume 9 of my note books. On our wedding day, Pam, (my new mother in law), gave me the brush with a red ribbon around the handle. Paul was so embarrassed especially when we left the reception for half an hour to freshen up!! I would strongly recommend that women take charge from the start It works really well.

Kimberly Ann

I’m looking for a way to keep my fiancΓ©’s mind off of straying. He is very popular in our hometown and girls go goo goo over him. He was a nerd and wore thick glasses and got picked on in school but now that he’s a 44 year old man, people adore him. He is 6 foot 3, his body is perfection and he carries himself with such confidence it’s like no other. Guys want be him and girls want to do him. He works in a job where he is always around crowds of pretty people, young and old, men and women, respectful people and sluts. Anyways he thinks that being popular is important, (I assume it’s because of his horrible school years). He eats up the attention. On social media he has at least 5 to 10 new friend requests a day, mostly pretty young women. He has had a crush on me for 30 years and we have amazing mind blowing chemistry. We’ve been together for 3 years and every time we make love he takes me to another planet. It’s a drug that I’m hooked on – I literally see fireworks and he feels the same. I worship and love him more than life. So with that said, all these people want him. Can I try spanking him to keep him from straying away? Because sometimes I see he messages these slutty girls back and I’m not sure of what else. I do trust him but those other people I do not. Plus when someone is constantly having people throw themselves at you I can see the temptation for a MAN. I say man because if I were in his shoes I don’t care if it were Brad Pitt, I would have any interest whatsoever because all I see is him. Any advice is so greatly appreciated. Blessed Be you all.

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