Easy Way to Get Your Wife to Spank You

Ok, before we get started…this post is intended to be a little tongue in cheek. 🥴 That said…after re-reading through…it JUST might work…

The other day, I was in a fun mood and came across a Quora question, asking where one could find a disciplinarian. And before I knew it, I was answering the question in a fun way. For the record, I normally put some thought into my answers, but this just came to me and I went with it. Afterwards, I thought, I need to share and expand on this a little on our blog. So…here you go!

Here’s an easy recipe for getting your girlfriend or wife to spank you. Step by step!

Step 1 – Ask your wife these following Questions…

  • Would you like me to be less annoying sometimes?

  • Would you like my “selective hearing” to not include you and your chore list for me?

  • Would you like me to put the seat down on the toilet consistently?

  • Would you like me to put my dirty clothes IN the laundry basket?

  • Would you like me to stop swatting your butt EVERY single time I walk by?

  • Would you like me to give you 3 or 4 foot massages each week?

If she answers yes to any or most of these questions, proceed to step two.

Step 2 – Tell her…”Take this paddle or belt and spank me as you see fit, and all those things you answered “Yes” to, will come to fruition!” 😉

husband learns paddle

From a wife’s perspective, it seems like an easy choice right? Spank his butt and he stops being a jackass. Spank his butt and all my gripes start to disappear! Spank his butt and I don’t have to nag about the “honey-do” list, the laundry basket, the toilet seat! Spank his butt and I get several foot massages a week?! 🤔

Again, I know that seems like a slam dunk gents, but as I said, this post is intended to be a little fun. Even if it does sound somewhat plausible.

The reality is…communication is what is key. And I think my wife’s post:

Why Women Should Consider An F/m Spanking Relationship. Provides a better, and more insightful read for your girlfriend or wife. On the other hand…they say nothing breaks the ice like a good joke. So what do you think fellas? Would this be a good ice breaker, and THEN share the other post? Hmmm, I’m starting to wonder myself now.

And of course if you don’t think the topic is approachable at all, you can try one, some or all of the approaches in my eBook – How To Get Your GF or Wife to SPANK YOU – Those under the radar approaches take longer but have worked out for me in the past.

And last but certainly not least…Have you SEEN our last video of my trip to the woodshed – Joey Gets Wrecked? Be careful what you wish for guys. I’m still feeling some of the effects from that last spanking some 5 days ago! If you haven’t seen it and don’t want to buy it, there’s a free preview on SpankingTube – OTK Slipper, Bent Over Belting & Belting, Punishment Spanking. And of course you can read about it here: Worst Spanking of My Life – Joey Gets Wrecked.

I would be curious to hear your thoughts on if you think this “fun” approach might work. BTW – I’m not suggesting you do it, that decision is on you. But…if you DO…let us know what happens. And may the force be with you!

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Seems very informative. I’ll try these items and see if my wife comes around, and starts spanking me when needed…also sounds fun, if she can agree and get into it.
I’ve asked before, (but not as you stated) she said she does not want hurt me.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Jack, if you haven’t already seen/read it…check out this post – Can You Spank Your Husband Without Feeling Bad?

Fingers crossed for you!


Very nice intro

Don Edwards

Joey…..a truly wrecked backside! I’ve stopped being jealous. The suggestions for how to entice a wife to spank are valid, except for the one about “swatting her butt every time you walk by” In a M/m relationship things can work out differently when I had crossed the line and gave him a playful swat, he turned to me with a dark cloud over his head and said, “Don’t every do that again!” I saw his right hand turn into a fist and I took that as my 1st, 2nd and 3rd warning all in one. After all a spanking is preferable to a fist across the jaw. But like you I quite often forget the lesson learned and just a couple of months ago I smacked his rump and it caused him to jam his toothbrush against his gums which ultimately ended up with me learning a painful lesson on restraint

Sam Wallace

When after 20 years of marriage, I got the nerve to ask my wife to spank me she agreed but as with many she was afraid to hurt me. She spanked me for several years and got better, but still not to the level I wanted. I wanted to be soundly spanked to tears over the lap of the woman I love, my wife.

I found the magazine “No Nonsense Ladies” and my wife enjoyed reading them. Soon thereafter, she began to use her hairbrush to spank me, until I collapsed over her lap bawling my eyes out. I loved it. This soon became a weekly Sunday morning spanking that continued for over 20 years until about five years ago when her health changed and she is no longer able to spank me.

The Wicked Queen

Hi Sam and thank you for sharing your story. I’m very intrigued by the “No Nonsense Ladies” magazine. It appears they are no longer making them? I just found a couple older pics online. Where did you find them? Sorry to hear about your wife’s health. We’re going to be selling a spanking machine very soon from a partner. After we test it out (on Joey), we’ll provide more info on it. Perhaps it can help satisfy the need at least a little. 😉


My wife already spanks me but I feel selfish getting her to do it every time and she has needs as well. I have got very selfish wanting to get spanked. what do others think?

The Wicked Queen

Hi Raymond and thanks for the comment. Yes, you should be mindful of her needs as well. As it sounds like she is mindful of yours. Communication is the key to both of you getting your needs met. Good luck to you both!

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