Domestic Discipline spankingWe’ve had a few readers reach out and inquire about how to donate. We have to say, we were very touched that people wished to donate to what we are doing. As I’m sure you’ve ascertained, this is not our full time job and we do it mostly for fun, to promote our lifestyle and to hopefully help out others looking for insight into “this thing of ours”. With that said, it does take time to keep adding content, taking pictures & video (forthcoming). Edit it all and post it on our blog and link to it from our Tumblr account.

As the number of visitors has grown faster than what we imagined it would, we will likely have to upgrade our hosting in the not too distant future. Which we intend to do.

So…we’re not “asking” for money. But to accommodate those that wish to contribute to what we’re doing, we’ve added the button below to do so, and we thank you very much for your kindness and promise to keep trying to keep the content coming and growing the site.

Love & Lashes,

The Wicked Queen signatureand Joey