Communication In Spanking FTW

woman holding a razor stropI recently updated my computer and was going through some old files and came across a letter (ok, Word document), that I sent to Jess after a spanking she gave me 10 years ago!


As it was already delivered to her, and served the purpose of communicating my thoughts and feedback from the spanking she had just giving me, I was simply going to delete it. But then I thought it might serve as a good example of how you can provide feedback to your significant other post-spanking in order to dial in what works best for you.

So here’s what my letter to her was…

Thanks for the attitude adjustment last night. I know I needed it and it was certainly a good one!

Out of curiosity, when did you decide that you were NOT going to spank me with the vintage belt but bring out the cane, Italian leather belt and dreaded razor strap?

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster ride! I was fully expecting a good, yet painful belt whuppin’ with the vintage belt and was going to be as brave as possible before it started. So when you started digging around in your belt drawer, I was like…”What is she doing?” Then I saw the Ralph Lauren belt out and was like “shit”. Then you went to the closet and found the cane, I kinda’ started freaking out. And THEN when you asked for the razor strap my heart just sank.

Well played my Queen!

BTW and just to communicate…What was your intent with the cane? It scared the hell out of me as I know how painful it can be, but your swats with it were…not. Not saying that to disrespect you and I’m certainly not asking for more but I just wanted to provide you feedback in case you were intending to give some good cane strokes.

still shot razor strapping
Vintage Shot of Jess Spanking Joey with the Razor Strap

Anyway, the fear was definitely there before each stroke of the cane so I was grateful when you put it back on the bed. Although that gratefulness was short lived as you picked up the belt and it claimed its rightful spot as the meanest belt in the house.

Then the razor strap…that thing is a beast, and for it to come in AFTER the belt and make me wish for the belt again is saying something. Such a mean spanking implement.

Also, your swat distribution during this spanking was perfect. You covered my whole butt, from the top of my butt, to the upper backs of my legs. I’m certainly still feeling it now.

Anyway, thanks again for keeping me in line. 😉

Love you!


So, if anyone has had difficulty thinking about how to provide feedback from a spanking, hopefully this will help or provide some inspiration on how you might do it. Back at this time, I found writing it and send it to her, the best way to start that conversation, then she’d usually respond, and then we’d usually talk about any points face to face.

No wrong or right way to do it. But just do it. We both feel that communication is key in all things but especially when dealing with spanking/impact play.

Ok, our next blog post is coming soon…detailing the account of Nessa’s 2nd Spanking. Stay tuned!

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My spankings are now more frequent. No more woodshed spankings? Hmm Maybe. For now. I get a quick discipline spanking as much as 3 times a month. It’s 30 severe otk swats with her largest hair brush, then 30 minutes of corner time with my butt pulsating & tenderized! Then it’s another 30 swats. Each swat hurts much, much more than the first 30 swats. My screaming after each stroke surprised J. So when I hear her say:” tsk tsk It’s definitely time for 30, 30 & 30 my dear. You’ll never learn.”

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