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Whuppin’ Is Coming

It has been over a couple of months since my last “woodshed whuppin’”. And it shows. My teasing has gone up, my arrogance has gone up and my household duties have slipped. This weekend we were tag team cleaning our bedroom and she asked me for help with something and I quipped, “Hey, you don’t […]

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What is a ~REAL~ Spanking?

So what are “Real Spankings”? Well for us (and most importantly), it is consensual. Meaning both my Wife and I have already agreed to real spankings as a consequence for my transgressions and/or poor attitude. I also think it’s important to point out that the verbiage “consensual spanking”, generally has a connotation of being a […]

Taken To The Woodshed

The Razor Strap (Strop) We never had a woodshed growing up but I remember reading about or seeing them in old movies, where misbehaving kids would get taking to the woodshed for a whuppin’. The implement used was often a leather razor strop, which was common back in the old days as men used it […]

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How To Give A Fun Spanking

While the majority of the spankings I get now are disciplinary spankings, on occasion I still get “fun” spankings. So I wanted to create a post about important elements that should be part of a “fun spanking”. For the record, this is how it all started for Jess and I. Early on in our relationship, […]