An Impromptu Trip to the Woodshed

woodshed with strap

Well, this is a little different. I gave Joey a “full-on” woodshed whuppin’ without scheduling it this past weekend. Ergo the title, “An Impromptu Trip to the Woodshed.” Usually, when he has earned a trip to the woodshed, I will schedule it out for about a week or so. Most of the time, it is so we can align our schedules, and secondly, as we have for the last few, set up to video record them so we can share them.

But “back in the day,”Β  when he needed a good spanking, I just gave it to him right then and there. While I’ve mentioned the value of him having to fret and count the days towards his rear end’s demise, there is also value to the immediacy of giving correction right at the moment of infraction.

Well, it turned out that this weekend we had the house to ourselves (a child at a sleepover). Joey had been knocking on the door of the woodshed for a little while now. So I’m not surprised this went down like it did.

On Saturday, he was in the kitchen, adjusting the sliding glass door, and a few unexpected problems came up, which annoyed him and put him in a bad mood. I understand that when things don’t go a certain way, it is easy to get frustrated. But after an F bomb or two, I told him kindly, “Joey, why don’t you take a break and look at it again later today or tomorrow?” To which he snapped back, “Why don’t you go do some laundry or something?”

I couldn’t believe my ears! I quickly turned to him and sternly said, “What the hell did you just say to me right now?” And you could see the realization on his face that he had messed up as common sense started to seep back into his errant brain. “I, uh…” he stammered. “Nevermind. Come with me.” I was mad. As he got up, I grabbed his arm and told him, “To our room, NOW.” Then he started, “OK, I’m sorry; I was just getting frustrated. Jess…c’mon. Wait.” But I didn’t say a word, and I just kept walking with him to our room. When he realized I was fully intent on spanking him, he said, “OK, wait, at least let me set up the cameras, lights, and mics, so we can at least record it.” At that time, we got to our room (aka The Woodshed). “You know what, Joey? I don’t care about video recording or anything else right now; the only thing on my mind is teaching you a lesson you will not soon forget.” His eyes got wide as he was clearly nervous. I don’t think he’s ever seen me this upset before.

“Babe I’m sorry. I really am.” He apologized. To which I quickly and sternly replied, “Yes, you are sorry, but you’re going to be EXTREMELY sorry in just a minute. Now assume the position.” He thought about saying something but knew he was already in deep trouble, and I was just going to get more upset if he kept talking or trying to get out of it. I went to our chest of implements and was like a kid on a shopping spree in a candy store. And as I saw implements that I knew were his least favorites, I grabbed them. The Wicked Switch, the Wicked Strap, the long-handled wooden bath brush, and… the Razor Strap. There, that should suffice.

the wicked spanking switch

wicked punishment strap

spanking bath brush


razor strap

To his credit, he had already bared his butt and was bent over the end of our bed, “in position.” He looked over his shoulder and saw me carrying my implements of ass destruction, and his face looked like he had just seen a ghost. I dropped them on the bed in front of him and picked up the Wicked Switch first. His voice was thick with emotion and fear. “Jess, please…” I felt a tinge of sympathy for him, but my inner Wicked Queen kindly replayed his words…

“Why don’t you go do some laundry or something!”

and I immediately and easily channeled her back in…

woman wearing sandals and holding a spanking switch

“So, why don’t I go do some laundry or something? OK, I choose ‘something’.” And with that, I swung the switch across his butt. He immediately cried out. In the past, I have broken skin with this switch, and I knew I still had three other implements I wanted to get to before the spanking was over, so I was careful not to overswing it. After about 20 lashes with it (approx. 10 per side), I thought I would come back to it and end the spanking with it. So I put it down on the bed and picked up the wooden bath brush. I didn’t have to be careful with this, so I started spanking him with it HARD. Instead of my usual back and forth between two spots, I was spanking five times in a row, rapid fire, in the SAME SPOT before moving to the next spot. He was having quite the reaction to the brush. I had to remind him about staying in position and warn him about me using the switch again (which I was going to do later anyway). I kept spanking, probably around 60 times; in the last half, his leg was quivering and he was crying, saying, “I’m sorrrry.” I tossed the bath brush onto the bed and picked up the Wicked Strap.

“You’re going to be even more sorry in a second.” SMACK!

If you’ve seen the Wicked Strap in action, you know it lands with weight and authority. He immediately cried out and was struggling to stay in position when the next one landed, and the next one…the tears and crying resumed quickly.

“You” – SMACK!

“Don’t EVER” – SMACK!

“Talk to me like that again!” -SMACK!

As we didn’t video record this, I wanted to provide a snippet of the Wicked Strap in action…This was taken from our Woodshed Whuppin’ Video:

I still knew that I wanted to get to the razor strap, and then another surprise visit from the Wicked Switch. So after about 30 swats (15 per side), I dropped the heavy strap onto the bed and picked up the razor strap. And without saying a word, I started swinging HARD from the left side 10 times, and then another 10 from the other side, and holy smokes. About half of the lashes almost broke the skin where the end of the razor strap landed. At first, I thought I broke the skin, but it was just raised up and looked like it was broken. He was a wreck, and so was his butt. While I was planning on taking the Wicked Switch to him again and giving him some additional hard lashes, I chose not to, because #1) he was “broken” and had learned quite a lesson. #2) I didn’t want to open up those razor strap welts. It would’ve been too much.

woman holding a switch

I tossed the razor strap down on the bed in front of him and picked up the switch to let him THINK I was going to use it again on him. (I know, I can be mean sometimes, but I was still channeling my inner-Wicked Queen.) His crying had subsided when the strapping stopped, but when he saw me pick up the switch, a soft but audible sigh/cry came from his lips as he lowered his head, expecting the worst.

I rubbed the end of my switch over his welts and then leaned over to him and whispered, “I want you to know that I was fully intending to tear your bottom up with my switch, but the razor strap did quite a number on you, so I’ve decided not to take that switch to you again.”

He almost fell over himself. “Oh, thank you, My Queen. I’m so sorry. I will never…” “STOP. Talking.” I commanded. He immediately complied, and I continued to touch the welts with the end of my switch and said, “Joseph…Pay Attention… IF, you ever speak to me like that again, I will take two things to you: the Wicked Strap until you are a bawling mess. And THEN I am going to shred your backside with my Wicked Switch. Let me reiterate…SHRED your backside with the Wicked Switch. Do you think I am kidding?”

“God, no, I don’t think you’re kidding. I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry.” He blurted out, almost still crying.

razor strapped left butt cheek

razor strapped right butt cheek

I took a deep breath, put my hand on the small of his back, and then said, “Ok, your spanking is over.” Then I walked over to my throne, and just to change it up, instead of saying my usual “Nose to toes,”Β  I simply crossed my legs so my right foot was dangling my sandal and said, “You know what to do, my bad boy.”

He quickly came over, took off my sandal, and started kissing the sole of my foot. After both of my feet were properly addressed, I got up and told him, “Ok, I want you to put everything away.” He said, “Yes ma’am. Again, I’m so sorry for being so disrespectful. I was just mad and spoke out of anger.” And then gave me a long and soulful hug. “I know,” I replied, then continued, “and I forgive you. But it is important to learn that speaking out of anger is never a good idea. I think you learned that today, yes?” “Absolutely, my Queen. Absolutely.” he quickly replied.

And just like that, I no longer had any tension or resentment towards him. Instead, I felt a very intimate and strong connection with him. I DO love that man. And I know he loves me as well. He is just my bad boy who needs a little “reminder” now and then.

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Wow, a lesson well learnt. I love your writing.

I like the dynamics between you. I can understand how you also wanted and needed to punish him, but it did make me wonder if such a strong punishment, with you still being very angry, wasn’t too much. I mean, he had it coming for sure, but your anger may have clouded your judgement somewhat.

Kind regards
soraimo (redirected from FetLife)


Very nice. I got similar here a few times. Instant spanking for back talk or snapping at her. Now when that happens, I just go and get a paddle for her and bend over.


Good job. I am really astonished he was even capable to behave like that. This is the proof he still needs correction sessions to help him remember about how important his wife is for him.


My feeling is that if you held the switch in the house he wouldn’t dare to say these words.

New to DD

My Queen B often punishes me on the spot, and/or at the time of my infraction. This seems to work well for us both. If nothing else, when it’s time for us to meet betwixt the smokehouse and the kitchen, my punishment isn’t quite as harsh as it would be if she had let things fester. Nonetheless, when disciplined immediately, the swats do tend to be far more intense than a scheduled session… she really gives it everything she’s got.


Can I ask how long it takes for him to heal after a session like that? Can he even sit down for a few days? I desire my wife to punish me when I backtalk. Thank you for the post.


Unplanned and impromptu spankings are always the most effective .
You have time to prepare yourself mentally for a planned spanking, even if you don’t know when It’s coming , you still know It’s coming!
I also can attest to the effectiveness of getting the hairbrush or bathbrush applied to the same spot on one cheek repeatedly as it is a technique my wife adopted a while ago.
Spanking each cheek in turn can get predictable too so this really took me by surprise when she started this for the first time.
The burning really lights up on that cheek pretty fast and I find myself asking or begging her to change cheeks, which she ignores of course.
I also find it more difficult to sit comfortably after a spanking like that as one cheek is way more tender than the other.
She loves this of course, as you ladies love to watch us squirm when we sit afterwards don’t you?
Definitely well deserved and delivered Jess !


It’s a smile of satisfaction of a job well done Jess , and a bit of extra embarrassment for him to let you know how much it hurt.
I know you don’t like to let him rub , etc after but I do enjoy seeing a bit of post spanking reaction . Just a thought for a future video.


WHEW! That was close. i’ll start off with that and a mea culpa that i DO know that everybody has their own ideas about when to spank, how hard, how long, etc. i am in the camp who believe that it’s best never to spank in anger due to possibly exceeding control of the situation and causing actual injury. So as i read your terrific piece of writing, i actually held my breath at one point. And then i let it out. Despite the amount of initial (and justified) anger, Jess, it’s clear You did maintain control and care and concern to make sure it was a SPANKING to discipline Joey and not a BEATING to torture him. And in doing so, You successfully walked a very thin line about delivering a truly PUNISHING spanking to Joey as he so richly deserved. i’m sure i’m not alone in wishing that somehow it could still have been recorded, but the vision is pretty darned clear in MY mind how this punishment went for him and how effective it was. To have been so out of order, so disrespectful, so… NAUGHTY, well, Joey definitely needed a FULL and EXTENSIVE Woodshed Whuppin’, and i’m glad You did give it to him, even if it made me hold my breath! (truth be told, with the number of times that i have behaved so badly as this, i have always thought later on that each instance was when i MYSELF should have been punished this way!) Sorry (not sorry), Joey; this is what we naughty boys should get when we treat our Ladies so very, very badly!


Before leaving for a party my wife spanked me for misbehaving at the last party we attended, using her bath brush. She gave me 50 severe swats bringing me to screaming tears. But the swats were precisely applied to ONLY ONE CHEEK OF MY BUTT. She promised me 50 more on the other cheek at home after the party, whether I behaved or not. Sooo during the party I sat putting most my weight on the un-spanked cheek. I was leaning too far to the left while sitting. Chuckling, She then whispered into my ear β€œHoney Sit UP STRAIGHT.” Don’t worry dear I get you straightened out when we get home. Later at bed time, both of my butt cheeks were throbbing. I then was forced to sleep on my stomach.

Joe T

That was an incredible and well deserved punishment. You are a very loving and caring wife to that. I have asked my wife to spank me when she is displeased with me but she will not. I am going to try to get her to read your articles.

Spanked Hubby

Fantastic recanting of this real scene! I just found your blog. This is great!

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