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Hi all…Jess here and I’d like to introduce a longtime fan, supporter and now friend of ours “jackbrat”. He has created a post for us, and asked if we would open to sharing it. After reading it through, I am happy to do so. Thanks jackbrat! So, without further adieu…

Hello! my name is jackbrat, and some time back i offered to the Wicked Queen the idea of submitting a blog post for Her, Joey, and Nessa in case they were too busy with life to write one. So, if you are reading this on the Domestic Discipline site, this is evidently such a time for them.

jess pointing to sandal on her footi discovered their site by the happy accident of browsing the net. It was not a glancing blow but a full-fledged head-on collision when i discovered how many blog posts they had written for me and their fans to read. Immediately i felt a connection to their Domestic Discipline life they had created for themselves. It was as if i finally had found someone else who thought as i did!

In learning more about Jess and Joey and their spanking odyssey, i marveled at how it began and how it has grown. i recognized attributes of Joey that i have myself. Specifically, the deep need of accountability for misbehavior and the desire to have that special person in his life tend to him the way he knew would be most beneficial: Spanking him. And i envied his good fortune immediately as i learned how their relationship took the spanking play that they had initially and transformed it into very, very real domestic discipline to correct Joey and motivate him to behave as he and Jess both knew he should.

woman holding doubled over beltIn Her steps in becoming The Wicked Queen, Jessica showed me through their blog that She is very open-minded and practical in addition to clearly loving Joey very much. For Her to see his vulnerability in opening up about his need for spanking discipline, to not just accept it but to embrace it, was thrilling to me. Before discovering this domestic-discipline site, i had approached my own Wife in similar fashion as Joey, by having a heart-to-heart talk about how important i had come to realize that i really, truly NEEDED to be punished and disciplined through spanking to help me wipe the slate clean of bad behavior on my part. Though She did not reject me about it, my Wife has had big ups and downs over the years about actually carrying it out. So, to read that Joey had such success with Jess in handing over to her the control of his punishment and discipline when She recognized that he needed it was wonderful to me.

i was very happy when Jess and Joey added videos to their site for their readers to be able to buy and watch to see how She carried out Joey’s punishments, especially when She had to take him to the Woodshed! i normally am reluctant to purchase spanking videos, since there are sites like SpankingTube that have them viewable for free. But due to Jess and Joey’s dedication to their Domestic Discipline site with the many blogs they had listed, i felt it fair for me to purchase their videos in exchange for the excellent blog posts and their experiences to read. And i was not disappointed in the videos i obtained and have watched so many times!

real spanking videos quad

In watching the videos, i understood right off why the staging is so sparse. After all, this is REAL spanking involving a couple in their own home. I fully believe in privacy being honored for those who produce such videos. And it emphasized that it WAS a real spanking being carried out and not just entertainment. Likewise with Joey wearing his mask and Jess keeping Her face out of view, i knew this was necessary for them. Sure, i would LOVE to see a spanking that showed Jess’ very stern and determined expression as She carried out this necessary punishment, as well as Joey’s expressions of apprehension, remorse, and pain. But i know it’s necessary for us to visualize it ourselves. It also allows this envious bad boy to envision that it is ME being the one punished!

In the videos, Jess displays real skill with the belt and strap and switch She uses to punish Joey’s bare bottom. She is careful and diligent about the strokes, and She understands the importance of doling them out in sets from side to side to keep things even in marking Joey’s backside. Not everybody who spanks is this aware of the process of proper punishment applied. Her use of each implement, including paddles, sandals, and such, is mastery on display.

For me, the biggest delight and greatest satisfaction in watching the videos is hearing the words Jess speaks to Joey before and during his punishment and her tone of voice in using them. Jess is not angry, vicious, or out of control. She truly IS in control and determined to show Joey just how serious She is about making sure he gets the punishment that he has coming to him. woman wearing sandals and holding a spanking switch“This is what being bad feels like” and “Stay still; take the pain you have earned” have become the newest favorite phrases for me to hear as i watch a spanking. The Wicked Queen makes it very, very clear that She means business, that She intends to carry out every bit of punishment Joey deserves, and that She truly WANTS him to get what he needs from this.

i feel a real kinship with Joey and his need to be disciplined this way by his Wife. i relate very much to the need of having to face accountability for what i know was not acceptable behavior. If it goes unchecked, it festers and burns at the soul of a man who wants very much to do the right thing despite having a spirit deep inside him that takes him down the wrong path at times. For me, it’s a naughty boy who still pulls the strings of the man to make him misbehave, and it’s spanking and other time-tested traditional methods that can resolve the issues and rid me of guilt and shame for having done what I’ve done wrong. i believe Joey to be a very good man who does so much right so often and is successful in what he does. But through the videos i see a man who struggles with that inner spirit and understands he must be disciplined and punished to be accountable for where he has come up short, come up wrong, and come up disappointed with himself for having at the very least disappointed or frustrated others, especially his Wife. And so he gets spanked. And every single time, i envy him deeply, knowing it works for him and that it does work for me when times DO come when i get such attention to my own bare bottom.

Opening up to and adding Nessa, The Mean Queen, to this special duo was an extremely brave step for Jess and Joey to take. While still early in the union of this discipline-minded trio, the results with the videos have been excellent so far, and i expect each successive one to be better yet as Nessa keeps on improving Her technique with implements, what to say and how to say it, and the overall poise of a thoroughly confident Spanker in doling out punishment that Joey needs and deserves.

woman wearing birkenstock like thongs holding a leather strapThe atmosphere of Nessa spanking Joey is a bit different than the videos of Jess spanking him. To me, when Jess spanks Joey in videos, there is an air of Her Dominance and his submission in which Her voice is captivating and he, the captured, responds almost always in tones of submissive reverence. The Wife is shown to be in total control of the husband who needs Her to do just that and keep him corrected and improved by taking his punishment. i know that so many men out there who get spanked dream of such a relationship. Joey is one very lucky boy!

But he has grown even more fortunate with the addition of Nessa now spanking him. The aura of the videos, to me, is that of two bratty switches taking turns tending to each other. It is still VERY real spanking, paddling, caning, and so on, to be sure. Nessa’s tone of voice so far has been one of “evil pleasure” that she gets to be the one to blister Joey’s backside, which is still very enjoyable to hear. i think the time will come, as their transformed relationship deepens, that The Mean Queen will show in videos as a VERY determined Disciplinarian who truly wants to make it clear to Joey that his behavior was NOT acceptable, that She did NOT appreciate his actions and words, and that She is going to make it VERY clear that he learns this and dedicates himself to NOT repeating such bad behavior again to disappoint Her. And while Joey’s attitude and tone of voice when HE spanks HER is fun, i believe that many more videos of him being spanked by Nessa will be done rather than him having fun marking up Her lovely bottom.


So now that leads me to the fantasies of their videos that i would love to see. And of course there is practically no chance of that happening, right? But then again, when Jess and Joey began their web site and videos, did they ever think that they would add a third to their special bond?

f/m otk spanking with a sandali would love to see a video in which as it begins Jess is bare-bottomed over Joey’s lap with Her face pressed into a pillow and he tells Her that it’s time for Her Birthday Spanking, the one time a year that HE gets to spank HER. And then to watch him give not hard but yet still stinging smacks with his hand back and forth while counting the number of appropriate spanks. Happy Birthday!

I would love to see a video in which JESS spanks NESSA as Nessa assumes the position over the bench. While Nessa has controlled Joey (somewhat) on where to spank and how hard to spank her to this point, THIS video would be due to Nessa having really done something or a series of some things very, very bad and all three understand that there is really only ONE thing to do, which is to blister Nessa’s bottom to punish her for it. Now one might not think that could ever happen, but i’ve lived long enough to know that people are human whoever they are and that sometimes even the most Dominant deserves to be punished in the manner that they punish others. Nessa is going to misbehave at some point to where this should be considered!

Finally, i hope to see another spanking someday of The Wicked Queen conducting a real and long punishment session with Joey when he has really screwed up (again, people being human). To hear Her words spoken and watch Her expertise with implements again in a very thorough and hard punishment for Joey to take would be spectacular. i know that Jess now prefers to be behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera. But Jess, Your fans (not just this one) are hoping the moment arrives when You decide it is time to show The Wicked Queen in action again!

fm belt and paddle spanking

Of course, I fully understand that if any of those videos are created for sale, they will most likely cost a considerable amount of money due to just how special they would be. Bring it on! Jess, Joey, and Nessa, this kindred spirit is enthralled with Your spanking journey, and the further it goes, the more i will look forward to enjoying it all the more! Thank You so much for allowing me the honor to have the privilege of having my blog entry posted to Your site!

Jess again – thank you again for sharing your wonderful post my friend. We appreciate your insight, and kind words. As far as your fantasy scenarios…well they say, ‘Never say never.’ BUT…I don’t think most of those scenarios will play out. Someone very wealthy would have to offer us $100,000 for me to think about coming “out of video retirement”. So until that happens…yes, I’m afraid those are going to have to remain fantasy.

But here’s a fantasy pic for you…(Note: I’m not as good as Joey with the photo editing but…)

mockup two women spanking a man

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Wow! What an extraordinary piece– no, wait, i can’t review my own writing. What i DO want to say here is that i feel honored to have my blog post included on Your site. And i think Your final photo showing Joey getting it from both of his Disciplinarians is GREAT! i have no skills at all when it comes to including photos, let alone manipulating them like that. Also, now that You set a price, Jess….. i can’t do it now, but if one of those HUGE lotteries ever comes through to where a hundred grand is chump change (or maybe RUMP change), we’ll have to re-visit the fantasy video ideas! he he he…

The Wicked Queen

LOL. You did a great job with this. Thanks again! And I said, “…for me to THINK about coming out of video retirement.” 😉

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